Common Senseless

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am getting older, or that I am just burnt out from the summer, but lately I have found myself with such a short fuse that if I were to take up smoking I would spontaneously combust. I was raised in a home where common sense was a driver in decisions that we made and not some optional topping at the local ice cream shop. Again, maybe it’s just me and the fact that I have been locked down with young ones all summer, but I ask, where has all the common sense gone?

About now you are asking yourself what could have caused me to reach my boiling point. Well, in an effort to seem like a better parent, since I have spent so much time yelling at my kids for the past 5 or 6 weeks (or years, it’s blurry now) I decided to take them on some outings and have some “fun”. This has resulted in my enjoying my kids, but becoming highly irritated with other people and their children. A couple of days ago I took my two kids to an event at the local library and maybe it was the lack of alcohol provided or a sudden rush of hormones, but I found myself actually thinking about hurting people.

My first point of irritation? Bringing infants or extremely young children to an event where being quiet is required. I know your baby is cute, and most people LOVE babies, but not in a 15 x 15 room where we are trying to hear one person speak or give directions. I know that I heard the speaker say at the beginning that crying children need to be removed and are welcome back once they have calmed down, apparently I am the only person that heard this directive. When they said you, they meant YOU not just the one person they were making eye contact with at that very moment. It should have been clear that it wasn’t an option, if your kid is crying you need to leave. I made it a point to make eye contact with these people and give them my best sneer or shake of the head that I could muster.

Next, why have adults stopped wearing shoes in public? I am not talking about in your front yard or running to the mailbox, I am referring to the dozen or so people I saw at the library bare foot. So many questions are running through my head but mostly, where are your shoes? Did I miss some kind of mat at the entrance where we were supposed to take them off? Is there some kind of new rumor that wearing shoes will stunt your growth? Newsflash, you’re adults, you have stopped growing – at least vertically, shoes will not hurt you. Also, stop playing with your feet, there is nothing more disturbing than having to sit next to a 45 year old digging at their nails and peeling off dead skin and dropping it on the floor next to me. It was traumatic enough that I considering counseling to cope.

I am also highly irritated with the most important people in the world, those that MUST use their cell phones not matter what is going on. During the event a woman stayed on her phone talking during the entire show, I don’t even think she stopped to breath (or bother to look for her kid who had come over and was digging through my purse). Once again, when the speaker said , “Silence your cell phones or turn them off” it was a collective YOU. There is always the occasional person that has to make the point loud enough for everyone to hear; “I must keep my phone on in case of emergency”, but let me say that an emergency phone call requires an answer and then I should see you running like a cheetah to get to your emergency situation. When you sit on the phone for 56 minutes talking about yourself it’s not an emergency. Turn off your damn phone or step out of the room – and for God’s sake take your purse digging kid with you (P.S. I would like my roll of Certs back from the little thief!).

As we left I was feeling a bit edgy and thought, it must just be me. However when the first words out of your kids’ mouths are, “Did you hear that lady on the phone the whole time?” and “You would think that lady would have taken her baby out of the room instead of letting it scream”, I felt quite validated. The old motto, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’ is being replaced with, ‘If you can’t respect the people around you, please know I will make it a point to talk about you to anyone that will listen’. Of course, that should just be common sense!


2 responses to “Common Senseless

  • Betty D

    You are 100% correct! I have to wonder when polite society became for “everyone but ME”.

  • Chris Crooks

    You make many valid points. I would like to support your concern about wearing shoes. At a hotel stay a week ago I walked into the lobby to be met by the sight of a man vigorously working on his bare feet with his hands. Just throw the dead skin wherever, and please make sure you touch every surface along the way. Common sense would tell you this is GROSS!

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