Dark Skies, Brighter Sun

Have I mentioned lately that I don’t have an incurable disease or terminal illness?  Or that my kids are healthy and were born without any disabilities?  That life is good and that I am looking forward to the future?  That’s because most conversations don’t start out this way and honestly I would love it if they did.  Most of us discuss the drama and trauma in our lives because people have come to expect it.   Bad things seem more fun to share than good things and I don’t know what twisted part of our brains accept that, but what would you rather watch Little House of the Prairie or Happy Hookers vs Serial Killers III?

Let me back up a bit here, my husband and I (mostly him) spent more than a month redoing our kitchen and family room, it was hard work.  We had contractors do the countertops and paint, but we burned a lot of time and energy getting it done.   Three days ago it was complete and it looked fantastic.  Twenty four hours later we found that the painter may have pushed our fridge in a tad too far which resulted in a water line break and mass water damage.  You know the kind I am talking about, when you find your ceiling on the ground  and you require a dinghy.  After hours of clean-up and calls to insurance we dropped into bed exhausted and heartbroken.  When I woke the next morning I decided to come up with a list of things that are worse :

  • House burning down
  • Losing sentimental stuff
  • Tornado carrying the house away (and not landing in Oz)
  • Having herpes
  • Diagnosis of a terminal or incurable disease
  • Losing a loved one
  • Pet dying (although I am getting tired of cleaning the hamster’s cage)
  • Losing your job (been there, done that)
  • Losing a limb
  • Running someone over
  • Getting run over
  • Going to prison
  • Living in a third world country
  • Teaching FLE to fourth or fifth graders

You get the idea, there is a whole lot of shit that could have happened and while I was depressed for 17 minutes or so I kicked my own ass and then came up with reasons that we are fortunate:

  • Our family of 4 is happy, healthy and probably could pass a mental health inquiry
  • Both sets of parents are still alive and well
  • My husband has a job, me too but far less meaningful
  • We are able to afford insurance to cover disasters like this
  • The fact that the house has been 95 degrees for  48 hours means I can just stand still and sweat off weight and don’t need to vomit after the brownie I snuck
  • I don’t have herpes
  • I haven’t been run over
  • I am not in prison

So, yes, life sometimes throws you a curve ball and you decide how you want to throw it back or if you just want to keep it, put it on your desk and occasionally glance at it for a reality check.  Heck – all I have to do is open a new tab while I am typing this and go to the CNN page and I can quickly count off 10 things that are WAY worse than water damage.   So count your blessings, kiss your kids, enjoy life or just be happy with the fact that you don’t have herpes.


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