My Link Turns 50

Many of us are fortunate to have one person in their life that makes them a better person.  We have them and we call them best friends, besties, BFF, soulmates or lifers.  I have found that one person in my life plays such an important role that calling her something like a best friend just isn’t enough; as it doesn’t clearly indicate what she means to me.  The person that I am describing is that final link that connects a chain that makes me the person I am.  Today that person hits a tremendous milestone and turns 50, which means she has graced this world for half a century.


Our friendship began in a cloud of Bud Light which led to what we dubbed “front yard parties” and the occasional all-nighter.  These are some of my best memories, as we never had to stagger more than a few feet from where we had originally plopped to get to our front door, and hopefully our beds.   I clearly remember when our friendship had matured when I asked my husband to stop giving her a hard time and be nicer to her.  After a week of that she pulled me aside and said, “I don’t like him being nice, it’s creepy, I want him to go back to treating me like shit, it’s better for our friendship!”  Nuf said, he has been terrible to her ever since, but it is done with great affection.


This friend I speak of is full of light and love.  She makes everyone she speaks with feel special and is one of the few people in this world that people flock to.  She lights up a room when she enters, and because she is usually the last to leave, the light leaves with her.  She has a laugh that reaches into you, and when she isn’t saying something funny she may do something like mispronounce a simple word like tree as “T-ree” or eat some crumbs leftover from lunch out of her cowl neck sweater.


So I dedicate today’s blog, to some of my real “Bliss” – Sue.  You have made such a tremendous difference being in my life and I can’t imagine how I would have turned out without you.  While I am not with you today, I will be drinking many toasts to you and I will spill some red wine down the front of me in your honor.  Happy birthday to my very special link, I love you with all my heart, but in a totally non-lesbian way.

















One response to “My Link Turns 50

  • Sue

    You are the best, Lynette. What a wonderful b-day message. Love you! By the way, punch Brian in the arm for me, and have a neighbor lick his beer bottle when he’s not looking.

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