Feeling Green

My oldest child is on one of those, Save the Earth, kicks and quite frankly it is beginning to piss me off.  This is a time when I wish the schools would spend more time on books and less time on Earth Day and that shit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Earth and I want my kids and their kids and their grandkids to have a clean place to live, as long as I don’t have to get a lecture for every move I make.


My daughter has gone to leaving notes all over the damn house with little sayings or warnings about wasting water, recycling and cutting down on waste.  I have a hint of my own for her, stop writing notes on paper and leaving them all over and maybe a tree will live.  How is it that my soaking dishes or leaving the water run while I brush my teeth is a serious offense, but her making 500 notes that say S’up, Yo and Dude to no-one in particular is ok? 


I have been finding these surprise notes everywhere.  The other day I open up my Kindle cover and there is a note in there stating, “Don’t Kill Trees!!!!”  How does that even make sense?  I may be using electricity to charge the thing, but there is no paper used.  This, is one more reason that I question what is being taught to our kids.  If she can’t identify the fact that my Kindle is an electronic device, why am I forcing her to do all this homework and studying?  Honestly, I am the one that suffers during that nightly ritual.


I would also like to point out the amount of laundry I have to do when either kid tries on an outfit, decides that it’s not what they wanted to wear and then dumps it in the dirty clothes hamper.  And how about the number of times I turn off a light in a room they walked in to grab one thing and then walked back out without flicking the switch?  Seems these things don’t get counted, and since ‘no-one’ did it, why should it?  I will watch my kid enter a room, flick on the light switch, grab something and walk out and when I say, “Can you turn that light back off, please?” I get an immediate response about someone else leaving it on.


So while it is cute that our children develop an awareness of what is going on around them, I would like for them to understand the whole picture.  The TV runs off electricity and when you leave one turned on in each room that you have entered and exited, that’s a lot of wasted power.  When you stand in front of the fridge with the door open for 10 minutes thinking about what flavor yogurt you REALLY want, it takes twice as long for it to re-cool itself.  Leaving the front door open and blaming your sister or the dog we don’t have is another example.  So I am all about being green, if it means all of us working together, but until that point in time I am plugging my ears while simultaneously yelling, ‘La, La, La’ to the next person under 10 that attempts to educate me.




One response to “Feeling Green

  • ancientgramma

    So start leaving the kids notes of your own at the light switches, frig, and front door, i.e. Help stop Global Warming. Turn off the light!

    Hey, stop plugging your ears and yelling “La, La, La,” because I’m over 10 and have half a clue.

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