Road Trip

There is a tremendous list of things that need to be accomplished before hitting the road for the 10 hour trek back to Michigan.  This list seems to grow in size rather than shrink and I have had that rapid anxiety driven heartbeat as I attempt to get through today and get us on the road.  We made the commitment when we moved to Virginia that we would make this our “home”, but that we would always travel back to Michigan to spend quality time with our families that we love so dearly.  I made sure to add this part in just in case any of the family members are reading this; it gives a shot of pleasure tainted with guilt.


It’s the simplest of things like getting someone to take care of our beloved family hamster.  Finding someone was not so difficult, but then as I ran around today I realized I had to scrub the cage and then once that was finished I realized I also had to give the hamster a bath because she pretty much smells like the urine she makes and then decides to lay in.  Seriously, I would not want my neighbor telling the other neighbors that our pet smells like piss because we don’t take care of it.  Then I had to go to the grocery store to get her kale and apples and then clean it up so the neighbor doesn’t have the extra burden of dealing with the food.  How did this simple task turn into this five hour activity?  Note to self: when this hamster dies replace it with an expensive electronic.


Packing for four people for seven days is not a chore, it is a punishment.  Today as I was driving around (yes getting shit for our trip) I saw a vehicle with one of those family albums they put on the back of the car to let you know how promiscuous they have been.  I counted twice before I realized it wasn’t a classroom it was an actual family.  I started thinking, how do they pack and fit into anything short of a semi?  Further , would they really want to?  I started doing the logistics of that mess in my head and I swear I had an aneurism.


Moving right along, I am trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied in the car for ten hours, and more importantly from keeping their hands off of each other.  Why that should ever be an issue is beyond me.  Why do you hit your sister when she disagrees what DVD you suggest to watch next?  How about when she says her orange soda tastes better than your root beer, is that really grounds for a kick to her shoulder?  I think not, but what the hell do I know, really???  This is one of those times when I wished I had paid more attention in science class, which I am certain would have allowed me to figure out how to time travel. 


I have gotten us packed, stopped the mail, pawned off the hamster and now given warning to my readers that my house will be vacant and extremely easy to rob for the next fews days.  FYI:  I have no fancy jewelry BUT do have children, thus no money at all.  The only thing of any value is the controlled drug that I take for happy time and that my friends, is coming with!  So happy Thanksgiving, happy travels and many happy hours (I mean the drinking kind, not the family kind). 


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