Dearest McDonalds, I am all about healthy choices and that kind of shit when I am making the decision, however I don’t feel as if you need to eliminate the carmel and make the fry extra small size in my kid’s Happy Meal.  I understand that the First Lady needs something to occupy her time and has decided to target fat ass kids, I am fine with that.  Target the kids and their parents and not the fast food restaurants.  Being healthy is great and like everything else, moderation is the key.  If I get my kids a Happy Meal to replace my cooking once a week (ok I should be honest here, 3 times a week) I want them to eat what makes them happy and thus keeps them from bugging me.


Let me add that I took my kids to Ruby Tuesday last night and their kid’s meals (which has not been changed) consists of fried chicken, grilled cheese, hamburger and pasta.  What are the side dishes?  FRIES!!!!  Although they do offer the alternative of faux fruit soaked in heavy syrup and some vegetable that my kid is not likely to touch let alone eat.  Gee, that seems a lot healthier to me.


You see, dearest McDonalds, my kids have toys and video games and worship the TV God, but I also take them outside and have them run around.  This is what my parents did, as they had no technology to keep us entertained and this kept them from having to physically hurt us.   Let’s talk about accountability, which I know is a foreign word to many Americans these days.  If my kid is eating too much crap and sitting in front of the TV or playing 7 consecutive hours on their DS, guess who is to blame?  That’s right, ME!   I don’t blame McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell or Wendys for offering up the food because I don’t have to buy it or feed it to my kids.


Let me also add that some kids have health reasons why they are overweight and it has nothing to do with what they eat or how much they exercise.  At my daughter’s dance studio I have seen several girls that dance numerous days a week and guess what, they are big girls.  BUT, they are big healthy girls because they are up moving around, I don’t think the First Lady or anyone else should tell them what to eat.


How about focusing on overweight adults?  Here is a penalty I would start tomorrow; anyone that is too lazy to get their fat ass out of the car and walk into a fast food joint gets mini size everything, with the exception of diet coke.   I would suggest eliminating drive-thru windows all together, however that would mean I have to get out of the car and drag my kids into the restaurant and I would rather see Americans get super sized then give up that convenience.  And, how about eliminating dessert from the menus?  How many calories do you think are in a Frosty?  My guess is almost as many as in a Big Mac or Whopper.


I have another suggestion for the First Lady and it makes perfect sense to me.  How about an initiative to make sure McDonalds gives me the correct sex happy meal toy 100% of the time?  Or how about maybe getting my order correct?  These are both very important in my small world, as I cannot even tell you the number of meltdowns have ensued from daughter one getting the Skecher shoe while daughter two got the Bat Man toy!  Of course I am on a roll now, but how about I get the toy advertised on the board and not some reject leftover toy from three cycles ago?


There I go with my common sense again, and really, who want to hear that?  It is Friday and I am ready to move onward and upward or at least towards a glass of some kind of spirits that will take me away from it all.  Happy Friday, go find your bliss!


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