Say Cheesy

Hell, Shit, Damn!  It is picture day and while I cherish the picture I have of my children, I am not a fan of the prep that goes into getting them ready.  I feel as the mother of two girls, it is more difficult as I have the hair issue to contend with.  I don’t remember ever putting this much effort into school pictures myself, however I did look a bit like a boy and seeing the pictures now maybe I should have put in a bit more effort.  Oh well, can’t rewrite history, which brings me back to the here and now.


My 8 year old is pretty easy as a general rule, she is happy and perky in the morning.  Her issue was that she didn’t have anything fancy enough to wear today.  We had been “discussing” (fighting) about the fact that a good friend recently brought over some very nice clothes for her and one of the items is a dress that her own daughter wore for a wedding.  Well, guess what my child wants to wear?  That’s right, the fancy dress that is bright white with a pretty black ribbon.  My first concern is that she is too much like her mother and won’t make it past 8:15AM without dropping an open Sharpie on it (this has happened more than once) or spilling her morning snack onto the dress.  My thought is going with dark colors which hide so much more.  I tried to also explain that a fancy dress is not great for PE or the playground and she finally conceded to wearing a deep purple and white sundress.


My 6 year old is a whole different story.  It started with her shower last night when I told her I needed to blow dry her hair before bed so it wouldn’t be sticking up like it normally does.  I brushed her hair too hard and too much and I purposely blew the dryer in her ear.  We then moved on to picking out what she was going to wear.  She told me she wanted to wear the “blue peace shirt”.  Well, 70% of their clothes are from Justice and just about all of them have some shade of blue and peace signs, so I wind up pulling every one of them out to have her grunt at me after each that it was not the right one.  I finally got the right one with the matching pants and laid them out with her underwear.  Now the underwear are wrong, shouldn’t I know that she wants to wear the green monkey underwear with this outfit?  I pull out every last pair of panties from the drawer and apparently they are still in the dirty laundry, which brings her to accusing me of never doing the laundry.  I point out that the underwear do not show up in the picture which only angers her more and after a long argument she settles for the puppy underwear.


This morning I get them up at 6:30 and get my oldest in the shower, I start to wake up the youngest by dressing her and when I go to check on her sister I come back to find the clothes I did manage to get on her back off because I didn’t put them on in the right order.  I dress her again in the correct order and leave her alone so I can help her sister dry her hair straight.  I send child one downstairs to get ready for breakfast and return to find child two with her socks off and angry at me once again because I gave her ‘short’ socks.  I get new socks and start working on her hair.  She wants a pony tail, I give her a pony tail and she tells me the top is too high.  I brush her hair again, try another pony tail to be told that the tail part is not straight enough.  I then suggest we borrow her sister’s blue peace sign headband to match and she agrees.


Down to breakfast we head and the oldest starts in with the youngest about borrowing her headband without asking permission.  I tell her it was my idea and I consider giving her $20 just so she doesn’t push number two over the edge again.  We get through breakfast and teeth brushing without incident and head for the car.  We stop to pick up a neighbor and being the sweet child she is, she gives number two a compliment about her hair as soon as she is in the car.  This sparks a whole new round of whose headband it really is and how permission was never given and then my kids argue the entire way to school.


I drop them off and try to take a deep breath.  Should it be this difficult?  Is it this difficult for others?  Do I make it more difficult?  Well, let’s hope all my hard work is returned with lovely pictures and that my youngest child has not decided to wear her underwear on the outside of her pants so they show up in the picture.  Smile!


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