I Think I Can…

It’s day five of the school year and we have been able to get to school on time every day with minimal issues.  It has been a long week and we are all exhausted.  Getting two children up at 6:30 and ready is substantially more work than one.  I remember when I was pregnant with child two and people kept telling me how easy it is because you already have one.  To that I say, “Bull Shit!”  It is harder, you may have all the supplies and the experience of what to expect, but don’t tell me two is easier than one.  Honestly, this is why we didn’t go for a third child, we didn’t want to be outnumbered.


Waking up at 6:30 each day is tough, especially for my kids that are late sleepers.  My youngest gets dressed and when I go to help her sister I come back to find her back in bed with the covers pulled over her freshly combed hair.  This means I know have to recomb her hair and that is taking up valuable time.  I always have loved the fact that my kids can easily sleep until 9:30, as that means mommy gets to sleep in.  However that is biting me in the ass big time now.  They ask why daddy is still sleeping when we leave for school and I think to myself, good question didn’t he hear me yelling at you guys for the fifth time to get your shoes and backpacks???


The kids have enjoyed school thus far and have even come home with exciting stories.  These stories are generally about what happened in PE class or who’s clip got changed to the “bad” color, but it gives us some dinner conversation.  They have made some new friends already and seem excited about the year, I especially like when my youngest tells a story about boy X and calls him, “Boy X, you know mom, the one that always gets his clip changed”.  My older child has entered third grade which is like junior college in Northern Virginia.  It’s insane that my kids have more homework now than I did in high school.


As for me, I am muddling through the week and trying to get myself on a schedule of some sort.  I have a lot of grand plans that are currently in the closet waiting for me to let them out.  I will say I have done quite a bit of deep cleaning and reorganizing, as well as shopped for supplies for our big BBQ this weekend.  For the most part, I get in the shower about 2:00PM and get myself ready just in time to go get the kids from school.  I feel a bit out of sorts, but I keep telling myself that as soon as I get acclimated to this new schedule I will be good to go.  I feel ok saying that may not be until June of next year, because I am a realist and I don’t try to fool myself.


I am also working a bit more, picking up a client or two this month, which gives me more of an excuse to not get on a real schedule.  I never know when they are going to need me and I would hate to go exercise or jump in the shower and miss their call.  Ok that’s another lame excuse and I know you can see right through it.  I did get back on the call roster to substitute at the kid’s school, but that’s as unknown as everything else.  I always thought it would be great to have a job where you have the flexibility to work from home or when you want, but it really is more of a obstacle to being organized.


We have made it through week one, which means we only have like 40 weeks to go.  We have a nice three day weekend which is just long enough to screw us up for next week.  I wish I could keep them on schedule while allowing myself the freedom to stay up late and sleep in, but to them that is enough of a violation to contact child protective services.  So we will enjoy our weekend, enjoy our BBQ and be in a scramble come Tuesday morning.  Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day, when you hear from me next I will have officially turned 40 and should have more wisdom and humor to share for Bliss!


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