Hot For Teacher

It’s finally here, the first day of school.  This year is especially exciting for me, as both my children are finally in school all day.  Although I still argue the “all day” part, because if I were truly getting a full day it would end at 5, not 2:30.  But I have been with my two kids since June 16 and I will take what I can get.  It’s amazing how quickly the time seems to go by, however if you had asked me three weeks ago I would have said it could not have gone quickly enough.


The first day is always exciting, both my kids actually got up pretty well, even after the youngest stayed awake until 10:30 last night and my other child came in with a nightmare sometime around 5 this morning.  They had their clothes all laid out, my older child took a shower this morning while the other opted for her bath last night.  They got ready fairly quickly, ate breakfast and helped me pack their lunches and even brushed their teeth without some kind of threat from me.  We then did the customary posing for pictures on the front porch.  I am not sure what has happened to my 8 year old, but she has developed this strange smile that looks like she is either constipated or has been born with a birth defect.  My husband and I kept telling her to smile and stop looking like she was in pain, but every picture had the same strained look.


They had a special treat today because my parents were still in town and they walked them to school with me.  Nothing is better than grandparents, I will always be second fiddle to my kids and I am ok with that.  Someone has to be the bad cop and that’s the position my husband and I hold.  As we walked the .9 mile the excitement fizzled a bit while their backpacks weighed them down and their legs got tired.  We eventually got there about 2 minutes before the bell rang and my youngest suddenly looked nervous about finding her way through the school alone.  I hooked her up with a safety patrol person and watched her walk away.


The kids are excited about their teachers and what friends will be in their classes.  In our community the teacher schedule comes out about a week before school and I think the parents take this more seriously than the kids.  We wait all morning for the mail to come and then we charge out there to grab the letters before the postman can even drive away.  Then all heck breaks loose; parents get on FB and post their kid’s teachers, they email their neighbors that aren’t on FB and start texting people that don’t respond quick enough.  I have to say, I was on FB right away scrolling through people’s posts hoping my kids didn’t get any of the extra spazzy kids in their class this year (always happens anyway).  This activity is more important than the presidential election or the possibility of the end of civilization.  We can deal with those things, but we aren’t so certain when it comes to getting the new teacher or finding out June’s kids are in your kids class.


There is also the anticipation of seeing people you may not have seen since the last day of school.  Once again I am talking about the parents not the kids.   What are they wearing today, did they shower before walking their kids to school, did they gain weight over the summer or stop coloring their hair?    How about news…any one get a divorce or have an affair?  Let’s get that scoop, and if there is none who can we speculate about?


It’s a bittersweet day, I am still in shock that I have been able to type this whole thing up without anyone coming in to ask me to wipe their butt or yell for me to hand them the remote sitting right next to them.  But the house is quiet, too quiet, and I am feeling like I don’t know what to do with myself.  I do have work I need to do today and some laundry to catch up on in my remaining 4 hours of solitude, but I kind of miss the nagging, neediness that I have grown accustomed to the past several weeks.  Maybe I will take up a hobby or learn a new trade, probably not but it’s something to consider anyway.  Hey what about starting an exercise program….ok now that’s just crazy talk!


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