Summer Vacation Blues

We are on the final leg of summer vacation which means I must start getting the kids ready for a bit of reality.  This has proven to be a major inconvenience to me.  I am trying to get the kids “back on a schedule”, whatever the hell that means, which means that my schedule is a disaster.   In addition to the pre-school work I have to do, I am also thinking about the fact that I have to make two lunches everyday along with the amount of homework and activities my two kids will have.


My kids have never been early sleepers, which is a hassle for mornings and really gets in the way of my trying to have any type of evening conversation or time with my husband.  This week I started getting them ready for bed at 9:00PM so they could be in bed by 9:15 and asleep by a decent time.  That doesn’t work for my kids, I can hear them singing and arguing about who is singing the best and the worst and then the inevitable, “Mom, sissy is keeping me awake with her singing”.  When I don’t immediately respond I hear a loud slap, followed by a scream, meaning one of the girls decided to take matters into their own hands.  Terrific, now I have to get off my ass and go parent.


We are also dealing with the ‘Reading Challenge’ and making sure my kids read their 1,000 pages before starting school.  For readers that don’t get this, Northern Virginia is on a bender to get the best and the brightest, AND the most funding they can get.  As a result our kids are put on a pace that would make the Asians look slow in learning and guess who has to be inconvenienced once again?  That’s right, ME!  Please don’t think my kids ask to leave the pool where all their friends are, or stop chasing kids up and down the street so they can sit down and quietly read a book.  Not happening, so once again I am the bad guy by forcing them to read.  They don’t understand that if I don’t force it then they don’t make their “quota” and thus don’t get to participate in wearing flip flops and getting to eat a popsicle with the other over-achieving kids.  I tell you, I know it is good for them and I am all about having smart kids and such, but whatever happened to summer vacation; “Schools out, schools out, teacher let the monkeys out, no more pencils, no more BOOKS, no more teacher’s dirty looks”.  Well unless you splash them at our community pool or make a comment about how they look in a bathing suit.


I am also pushing the math that my kid’s teachers suggested, so I bought the Kumon books for their respective ages and have been forcing that on them as well.  I now understand why my youngest child always asks if she can go live with grandma, I wouldn’t want to live with me either.  “Kids, are you having fun?  Good, now stop what you are doing and come sit at the kitchen table to do your 30 minutes of math problems”.  I would not want them to start school without knowing the material, maybe that’s why I am just “average” because my mom let me have a real summer vacation.


So I am trying to enjoy the few days we have left and squeeze in some fun.  However I have to jam that in with school clothes shopping, haircuts, orientation and shopping for school supplies.  I have also realized that the many things I promised the kids we would do this summer, we have not and I have let them down once again.  Oh well, no surprise there, they are used to my failings and it will give them something else to hold over my head and use to their advantage.


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