When did McDonalds get so flipping expensive?  I used to go there because it was cheap and easy (and I am lazy) but it’s not either of those anymore.  Yesterday I swung through after karate to get a couple of Happy Meals and McFlurrys for the kids and the next thing I know I am shelling out $13.  I would almost be ok if paying top dollar for food that really doesn’t qualify as nutritional was served correctly, but most of the time I wind up with the wrong damn order anyway.


I despise Happy Meals and the toys, and as mentioned earlier if I wasn’t so darn lazy and didn’t mind cooking two separate meals, I would never go to a McDonalds.  My kids love the chicken nuggets, which I am not even certain are really chicken, maybe chicken flavored.  Every time my kids open up their cardboard box of nuggets and I see the shriveled up deep fried chicken it sends a shiver up my back.  Eat up kids and make sure you chase those down with these healthy french fries and soda!


Happy Meal toys are the worst, my kids treat them like gold and not like the plastic made in China pieces of shit that they are.  I really love when they have separate boy and girl toys and we find out once we have gotten home that they received the boy toy, AGAIN!   The kids refuse to eat, as if the type of toy they received dictates their hunger.  The reality of it is once a week on garbage night I go into the play room and thrown them away and I don’t think they ever notice.


Yesterday was their first Happy Meal with the Smurf toy, and as I am attempting to pay for my order and look through the bags to see if they may have gotten it right this time, both kids are screaming at me to ask for Smurfette.  The last time I tried to request a toy at that McDonalds the cashier looked at me strange and handed me some Sweet & Sour sauce, if I ask for a Smurfette God knows what I will get.  My girls tell me that if they don’t get the girl Smurf then it is just like getting the boy toy and they don’t want to eat.  I try to explain that I am pretty sure all the Smurfs are girls and that since Smurfette is the prettiest all the other girls dress butch to try to get a date with her.  This doesn’t seem to work and opens up a whole other line of questions I wasn’t prepared to answer.


So back to being expensive, I thought Happy Meals were like two bucks which made it reasonable and acceptable to feed my kids that crap.  If I am going to shell out $13 I may as well get them a pizza or feed them peanut butter and go get myself a manicure.  In South Riding it is about the same, I am paying someone that has no clue what I am saying to them to do a half ass job and if I stopped being lazy and left the compound I might actually get what I am paying for.  But I won’t.


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