The Don’t Play Room

Every day I struggle with the fact that my kids actually play in their toy room.  Now when I say play, I mean they pull everything out of the neat little bins and off the shelving units and leave it all over the place.  It’s as if they have amnesia and have no clue where to put anything back.  At this point, I cannot even walk into the room to try to clean it.  I will be honest, it is eating me alive.  I have a play room in this house because I wanted to keep their bedroom and the rest of the house clean.  Doesn’t really work, as there are toys and dress up clothes and pieces of paper spread throughout the rest of the house.  I will say the toy room does take the brunt of the kid destruction, but the other rooms have some collateral damage.


I am a control freak and have a PhD in organization, I like order and I like to think I am in charge.  The toy room takes that all away from me, I cannot even walk by the room without feeling a magnet pulling me in there to put the 700 Polly Pockets back in their little bin or arrange the doll furniture back into the correct rooms, I mean really who put the kitchen table in the bedroom?  I continually remind myself that it is a toy room, but I still want to control it.  I really despise feeling that way, but it’s one of the things that make me tick.


It would be nice to be the mom that doesn’t care about the mess or the organization that should accompany toy orderliness.  As I clean the room I actually sort each toy by type into piles and then put them into their coordinating bins.  I make certain that the Polly Pockets aren’t mixed with the miny princesses and the Littlest Pet Shop don’t wind up with the Zoobles.  I am a freak, I know, but that’s how I roll.


What bugs me the most is all the paper with one or two words written on them.  Why do you need to write ‘S’up’ on a 1×1 piece of paper and leave it on the floor?  Why do you need to do this 27 more times?  Why is it an issue when I pick them all up and put them in the trash?  Besides the paper, we have the cardboard box issue.  After each trip to Costco I attempt to hide all the boxes that I know the kids want to build into some kind of make shift toy.  We have hundreds, actually probably thousands of dollars in high end toys, play with them and step away from the cardboard!  This weekend they actually got a hold of a few and attempted to make a “house” for their pet hamster.  There are tiny pieces of cardboard and tape all over the house from them cutting holes into the boxes and taping them together.  Each time I walk past that box all I want to do is break it down and put it in the recycle bin where it truly belongs.


It would be nice if there was a pill I could take that would put me in a happy place and allow me to greet disorganization with open arms.  I have yet to find that pill and discovered that wine only allows me to forget for short periods of time.  I am considering shock therapy but fear it will frizz my hair or stimulate beard growth.  For now, I have to accept my faults and let the kids have their one room that I can sneak into at night at put back together.






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