What the Why?

“Why is there a stop sign, but not a go sign?  Why is that bird on the sidewalk?  Why is that car white and that one blue?  Can the car behind you see you, what about the car in front of you?  Why are roads gray?  Who makes the stop sign?  How does the car know to stay on the road and not the sidewalk?  What is For Sale?  Why do they want to sell it?  Do you think their house has a purple bedroom?” These are all good questions and they are all asked within the first mile on our trip.  My minivan has become a forum for firing questions at me like she has an AK-47 in her hand filled with giant question marks.  Somehow she has confused me with Google and assumes that I can just provide answers that will satisfy her.  I know the truth, any answer that I provide will be volleyed right back to me with a ‘Why?’.


Watching television isn’t any better.  “Mom, where is that guy going?  Why does he have a hat on?  Does he have a dog?  Does the little boy get lost?  Is that his house?  Is he going to get into a car that flies?”  I just opened the plastic on this DVD and this is the first time I am seeing this movie as well, I have no freaking clue what is going to happen.  Each time I explain this to her and each time she continues with the questions.


I got a Kindle as a gift and it makes reading a joy.  Well, it should make reading a joy however the kids are fascinated with trying to read it over my shoulder.  “Mom, I see t-h-e, that’s the.  Look I see a-n-d, that’s and.  Why did they spell as with an extra s in your book?  What page are you on?  What does 56% mean?  What is that book about?”   I wish I knew, however I have read the same damn sentence 12 times with all your interruptions and I don’t even know what the sentence is about much less the book.


As a mother, I should embrace the opportunity to listen to their questions and enlighten them.  Learning is vital to their growing.  I know this, I know I should be more patient, but I have limits too.  Do you know how many times I have turned the wrong way or missed a street because my mind is overwhelmed with their little inquiries?   I would love if I could answer at least some of these questions intelligently it would make me feel like I am making a contribution to their knowledge base.  I wish there was a pill I could take that would allow me to fulfill all these needs and let me keep my sanity.  There’s something researchers can start developing since there is no longer a space program.  I would even be willing to be a guinea pig for the drug and suggest names.  How about Average Expectations or Wiseicillin?


Oh the life of a mother, it’s a good thing we like to bitch and complain so much, our kids give us all the fuel we need to accomplish that task.  Happy Wednesday, now go answer some damn questions!



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