Back To Work

Recently I started working again on a very part-time basis, but I get to do it from home and that seems like a bonus.  Seems is the operative word here, because this morning when I was trying to make calls and analyze data I had constant interruptions from the two youngest people in the household.  My hope is that once the kids are back in school and I get accustomed to their new schedules I can take on more responsibilities for this company, and in order to accomplish that I need to impress them with what I am providing now.


So why did I choose to start working again you ask?  Well you see with two children come the perception that you need to constantly have them doing some type of activity so they become well balanced and if they are really good at what they do you get the option of bragging about them to anyone that will listen.  Note:  Please do not try to brag about your kids to me, my brain has been depleted of enough cells by my own two blood suckers and the only cells I have left are reserved for being comforted by a giant glass of wine.  Back to the return to work question, all these activities that we have them involved in come with a price tag, which should be a fair trade because someone else is actually paying attention to your kids for a period.  The price tag seems to be ever increasing and let’s not forget all the shit that goes along with these activities; uniforms, equipment, accessories, costumes, tights, shoes, badges, recital fees, tickets to see the recital that you already paid a recital fee for, flowers and thank you gifts for those that so willingly take your money.  It never freaking ends!


This morning my 5 year old informed me that she wanted to watch me work, which meant she laid on the floor under my desk and asked 5,000 questions about what I was doing.  “Working” is not enough for her, she wants the details.  I want to take the time to explain what I am doing and I am glad she is interested in what mommy does other than catering to her and her sister’s every need.  I just don’t have the patience or the time to be able to give her an answer that will not be responded to immediately with a WHY?  If my answer would suffice that would be fine, but she wants to drill down to the core of why I am doing it, she’s like the coal miner of my brain.


Thank goodness my neighbor called and asked if they could both play at her house.  Are you sure cuz you got four of your own?  Well you don’t have to ask me twice, they are on their way.  You always have to wonder when people call to ask your kids to come over, are they crazy?  I do my fair share of play dates and entertaining but it’s usually for one child at a time.  I am still following the theory of mob rules and have been witness to it.  Two kids playing Wii Just Dance is pretty harmless, you get 4 or 5 doing it and you might as well come to the grips that something is getting broken, someone is getting hurt and there is going to be crying.


I realize my kids have been down at my neighbors for about 2.5 hours and I need to go rescue her or at least get her some hard liquor.  Time to go check out what kind of booze I have in stock and make a friendly visit to retrieve my spawn.  Let’s see; work completed, blog written and I even showered before 4:00PM – pretty successful day in my book!


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