Birthday Demands

Today my oldest child turns 8, I know it is her birthday, as she has continually reminded me every fifteen seconds today.  Every decision I try to make it followed by, “Well, you know it’s by birthday and …”.  She has gotten to decide what we are doing, what we will eat, how we will eat it and what we should discuss on her birthday.  Honestly, it has been her birthday for about three days now.  Since Friday every decision we have tried to make gets in interjected with, “You know it’s almost my birthday?”  How could we ever forget?


Gifts for an 8 year old get tougher, they are in between toys and high priced electronics and if you have a girl they like clothes, jewelry and hair stuff.  She wanted an Ipad, Kindle and DSi XL, among many other items like a trip to Italy and a solid gold Tiffany bracelet.  We wound up going with the DSi XL and I am still not sure how I feel about it.  She is thrilled and has played it whenever possible today.  Mostly what she has done is make videos about farts and butts and other stuff that I don’t agree with, her defense is that it can’t be that inappropriate since daddy does it all the time.  This coming just after she recently told her sister that she was born without a butt and we didn’t know if we should keep her or not.  The damage control on that is still underway, even after my 5 year old has been assured many times that she was indeed born with a butt, and yes it also had a crack in it, she is still unsure on whom to believe.  I am NOT kidding about this!


We did have swim team this morning and a swim meet this evening, so I have already been told how she is getting ripped off of having a full special day.  I am trying to recall who wanted to be on the swim team, oh that’s right, she did!  But she has done the math and she figures I owe her an additional 6.5 hours of special time to be redeemed at a later point of her choosing.  No winning that argument, I just nod my head and tell her ok and move on with my day.  I did take her shopping and out to lunch, but I am sure she will figure out some equation that removes her having to eat and my looking at a shirt at the store to give her a bit more time.  She is like a Master CPA when it comes to figuring out how much time or money she is owed.


Last night I let her and her sister sleep on the air mattress on our floor, because it was the eve of her birthday for goodness sake.  I wound up staying up until midnight since the iced tea I drank with dinner had me wired.  At 11:58 I looked up at the clock and realized my little girl was about to be another year older.  I moved down to where she was sleeping and watched her for a moment and then at midnight I gently kissed her forehead saying goodbye forever to seven and welcoming eight.  I had a tinge of sadness as I realized that every year that goes by I will have to share her more with her friends, her hobbies, college, a job and if she chooses, a partner.  When I kissed her head she instinctively put her hand up around my neck and said, “Momma”, and I thought, I hope this moment stays with me forever.  (Holy crap, I must be about to start my period with all these emotions flowing through me).


Well, she just figured out I have been blogging instead of planning a special evening for her and she is invoicing me for another hour, she doesn’t do partial hours.  I guess I better go let her boss me around for a while, maybe she will discount my hours on account of my good behavior.


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