Wizards and Weirdos

Today the last Harry Potter movie comes out and I would like to see it at some point.  Not enough to actually try to get anywhere near a movie theatre for the next ten days, as I am certain some type of riot may ensue after each sell-out is announced.  Although that’s not the only thing keeping me from going, I also wish to avoid the freaks of nature that actually believe that Harry Potter is a real person.  They will show up in their robes with their makeshift wands and attempt to throw curses at people that they feel don’t deserve to be seeing the movie, you know, normal people that live in the real world.


I have actually been witness to these people trying to talk with an accent and use ‘Potter Verbiage’ like it’s some kind of secret code.  “Will you look at those mudbloods, by golly, let’s say we do a Cave Inimicum spell to get rid of them.”  I want to say, “Guess what, I read all the damn books and I know exactly what you are talking about and I think YOU are a dumb ass.  Does Harry have a word for dumb asses like you, I can’t remember because I only read the books once, not 180 times like your obsessive ass!”  For the record I just did a Google search on HP curses and grabbed that Cave Inimicum, which I don’t even know how to pronounce but thought it fit the bill.


Ok, I may be going a bit overboard with all that but seriously it’s like those effing Star Trek weirdos, and I want to tell them that the people in the countries that are currently kicking our economic ass don’t waste their time on this kind of crap because they are too busy making shit to sell to our country.  You are allowed to dress up once a year on Halloween and it is acceptable, anytime after that and you become the target of jokes and avoidance.  I’ll be honest, if one of my friends showed up at my door dressed in a costume and tried to play it off as “normal” it would be the last damn time I open the door to them and I then take carte blanche to make fun of them.


I did read all the Potter books and I did enjoy them.  I have even seen some of the movies, or at least parts of them, as I have generally watched them with the kids and that pretty much guarantees I will miss half the dialogue with their questions.  That drives me nuts, “Mom, why can Harry fly?  Mom, why does Harry have a Hippogriff?  Mom, are giant snakes and lizards real?  Mom, why does Ron look like a girl and Hermione look like a boy?”  Ok, I made that last part up, but you get the point.  I am proud that I can tell my children, “These things happen because it is fantasy and it is a movie and if one of your friends ever tell you they can fly or cast spells – RUN!”


My 7 year old has asked me 125 times to go see the movie as she still does not comprehend my very low patience level for weirdos and freaks.  I really should try to be more tolerant for the kid’s sakes, as I really would like them to be accepting and respectful of people’s differences, well as long as there not freaks.  It would be nice if fantasy could be real at times, then I could cast a Furunculus curse on June.


Happy Friday, hope it’s all you want it to be!


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