Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell

Lately I feel like we are moving from a society that embraces common sense to one where the mantra is, “Don’t ask, don’t know, cuz we sure as hell aren’t going to tell you”.   Honestly I have felt this way for a couple of years, but have had so much of it in my face lately that I feel like it is the norm.  I feel like an old person complaining about how technology is screwing up the world or hiding cash in mattress cause ‘You can’t trust them dang banks”.  Actually after the crash a couple of years ago, maybe that is not so far off.


Earlier this week, I go to the bank to deposit a check from the insurance company that has been endorsed over to my husband and I and we have endorsed it as well.  The girl at the counter tells me that she can’t accept it at that branch and sends me to a main branch.  I drive all the way over there and they tell me that lady is “incorrect” and that I should have been able to do it there.  The girl gives me a look like the other girl must be an idiot and calls the manager over, he then tells me she is incorrect as well and they proceed to discuss her instead of the fact that maybe their corporate training sucks ass.  Then they tell me that all their accounts are changing and ask if I would like to be enrolled in the one that makes the most sense for me to avoid the fees and such that will impact me next week when they roll it out.  No thanks, please keep me in this effed up account as I like to pay for shit that I don’t need to, glad I stopped in here otherwise a month from now I would be fuming about the statement that I receive.  Why would a national bank not want to be proactive with their customers?  Why would you want to intentionally piss people off and give them a reason to take their business somewhere else?  Maybe because some people will never notice and those are fees that can be collected.


Today my insurance company calls and leaves me this long ass message about my current policy and how they would like to review it with me to see if there are any changes I should make.  They state that if I don’t call them I might miss out on advantages and price savings.  I feel trapped and pissed, I am certain they want to talk me into policy upgrades and spending more money, but they  end with that thing about missing out on savings.  Bastards!!!  How about you call me annually and tell me you can save me $100 rather than trying to sell me crap I will never use in my life like extra coverage in case a skydiver lands in my kitchen or if one of us gets abducted by aliens.


It’s the same with my kids.  If I don’t ask a crucial question they will take that as their get out of jail free card.  Today the girls are crying and I come stomping up the stairs to find out what happened.  It starts with a lot of shrugging and finger pointing.  I finally point to one and ask if she hit her sister and she tells me no, the whole time her sister is crying and nodding her head yes.  I ask the question 10 more times 10 different ways and I still get the same answer, ‘No, I did not hit my sister!’  I ask if she scratched or bit her sister, still get a no.  Finally I ask if she pinched her sister and I get a big fat YES, followed by a lawyerish response on how different pinching is from hitting.


Well, it’s happening, I am getting old, paranoid and cynical.  I thought I would have until at least 60, but I guess it is starting a bit early for me. If you see me outside later with a metal colander on my head, don’t ask, odds are you won’t get a straight answer from me anyway.


One response to “Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell

  • ancientgramma

    Lyn, you’ve got it backwards . . . cynicism and paranoia is encompassed in “Adultness”. After 60 we just don’t give a shit.
    Except, of course, about those we love. Then it’s a conditional I don’t give a shit.
    Love you.
    Auntie Sharon

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