Summer Vacation???

It’s the last week of school and I think we are all ready for it.  Or are we?  After months of getting up early, packing lunches and doing homework with our kids we are ready for a break.  But have we stopped to consider what type of break we are getting?  This break consists of 24/7 with our kids, which means even those little jaunts to the grocery store or running errands will now include THE CHILDREN.   As I picture the 30 minute trip to the grocery store turning into 2 hours and coming home with all sorts of stuff I didn’t put in the cart, suddenly packing lunches and doing homework doesn’t seem all that bad.


What are we going to do with them for two whole months?  Other than a vacation or two (which also includes being with them 24/7) how will we fill those many hours?  I’ve already starting doing the mental math and I am exhausted.  We have the pools, which is great, they can swim around with their friends and wear themselves out.  But at some point that gets old and it is way too hot for the playground, the last time we were there my daughter burned her bum on that metal rocking frog.  By the way playground designers, maybe metal toys are not a great idea in a state where it is 100 degrees in the spring and isn’t there another color besides black for rubber swings?  You sit on one of those in this weather and your skin comes off with it when you get off.


So we will turn to our fellow mom friends for suggestions and try to plan some outings with them, because we believe that we can get through it as long as we are together.  We may still be out numbered but we are more experienced and should at least be able to out think and out maneuver the kids.  Well, that may not be entirely true, but when we are together we will convince each other it is.  It’s just like when we start drinking before five on a weekday and convince each other that it is completely acceptable.


Already this morning I have been told that I am giving my youngest a rough day and that she knows I mean to do it because I want her to have a bad Monday.  Yes, that’s always my plan to ruin your day because when you are in a terrible mood my life is so darn pleasant.  You don’t follow me from room to room crying and complaining until I am ready to lock myself in a closet with my Ipod and hard liquor.  No, my need to have you have a rough day doesn’t impact me at all.  If she only knew the thought I put into every word that comes out of my mouth and every action I take so I can make it safely to 11:22 and get her on the bus.


I know that I am supposed to cherish these years and relish every moment because they will be gone before I know it.  I do, I love being with my children, they are the gin to my tonic.  I know when they stop following me around the house and hanging on me and sneaking into my bed at night I will miss it, but it’s hard to imagine when you’re in the here and now.  For now, I will focus on cherishing these last few days of me time, those 2.5 valuable hours a day.


Ready or not, here comes summer vacation, or as I like to call it hard labor.


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