What Time is Happy Hour?

The weekend is upon us, and more importantly upon me. I love my weekends, seems strange to say since I am not currently employed, however weekends give me a break from all the school stuff and I can actually stay awake past 9:30 PM. My kids are late sleepers so when we don’t have to deal with school, they will easily sleep until 9, as will I. The weekends are MY time to chill, visit with neighbors, allow my children to antagonize the parents of perfect children and indulge in happy hours. I just can’t wait, however I have to make it through today to get to my reward. Happy hour for me is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


This week has been hectic to say the least and I am in my last few hours before I can declare the weekend officially started. We have a play date at our house with one of my daughter’s favorite friends and that is almost as good as having a babysitter. Before he got here, I had to endure an hour of complaining and meltdowns about what I have been doing wrong this morning. Today is her last Daisy Girl Scout meeting and I needed to have her make cards for her leaders to go with the plant I am going to go searching for after I get her on the bus. The thought of a young child making a card to show their appreciation to a wonderful adult that has given up their precious time to make a difference is a great idea in theory. However that is blown to hell as soon as I ask her to sit down and complete the task. In hindsight I should have started five days ago, but we have had so many other things to do this week I just forgot until today. I printed out pictures I took of the troop and turned them into cards and her first issue was that I didn’t fold them right. After that she told me that the newest leader that is replacing the one moving away isn’t really her leader so she doesn’t want to make her a card. Then we came up with a message to write in each one and that went south quickly. First she asked me to write the long words, then she didn’t like my handwriting and erased what I wrote. Then she wrote it all herself over what I had written. Next year I am just printing cards and I will sign her name with my left hand or toes to make it look legitimate.


So earlier this week the other moms start asking what we should do for the leaders to thank them. It seemed to me that we arrived at a conclusion and to make things easy I said I would go get the gift and bring it to the meeting. Today I sent out the message of what I am going to do and I have one mom start second guessing me and giving new suggestions. Let me tell you how pleased I am to get an email like that. Please continue to give me your opinion on what we should do after we agreed four days ago, I really like it and I truly hope you can feel my appreciation. In fact I appreciate it so damn much I am nominating your bossy ass to take over from here. What is it with people that do that? How about a thanks for giving up the precious 2.5 hours I get away from my kids to go hunting for a Knock Out Rose bush. Oh and don’t give me that, “I work” excuse, when I worked I got a hell of a lot more accomplished than I do now.


The weather has been hotter than my temper after dealing with that lady. How hot is it? Well I had to change my bra twice yesterday, so I would gauge it at about 100 degrees. There is no worse feeling than sweating through your undergarments. Nothing makes you feel sexier than having to rip your bra off like a band-aid. As I moved the sprinklers around the year yesterday I kept standing in front of them to cool myself off. Note to self: keep bra on and don’t wear a light colored t-shirt when you have to go pick your kids up at school.


I also have a bunch of random errands to run, with the most important one being getting ice for the rolling cooler. I have no idea where we will wind up and I cannot drink anything less than an icy cold beer in this weather. Hopefully we will be in the yard next to June’s where I can talk loudly about perfect kids, drinking, sex, and how I heard a neighbor on the street is on the registered sex offenders list. There isn’t but whatever I can do to lessen June’s comfort zone puts a smile on my face. Happy Friday – Happy Hour – Happy Me!


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