Whining About Wine

One glass of wine is not entitled to give me a headache the next day.  I can see 4 or 5, but one?  I am thinking about calling the head of that winery to lodge an official complaint.  There could be other factors; such as weather, allergies, kids, and I am willing to blame them instead.  I love my wine and I hate to unfairly blame her for my pain.  Yes, I referred to my wine as ‘her’, as she is a goddess and full of grace that a man could never have (well, maybe a gay guy or a gymnast).


I love wine, the cheaper, the better.  I used to actually look at the labels and think about the country of origin and the year before I bought a bottle.  Nowadays I take a quick roll through the wine aisle at Costco and grab the least expensive.  My current wine of choice is Frontera, tastes great and costs less than ten bucks.  I love it mostly because it is not the sissy 750ml bottle, it is the 1.5 liter jug and provides twice the fun.


Recently my husband brought home a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go with the fish he was cooking for dinner.    Try as I might, I could not finish that glass of wine.  It was a combination of fruit, bubble gum and ass.  Last night, I figured I was going to be a trooper and have a go at it again.   Awful!!  Just the same as two days ago, I couldn’t do it.  I felt like a failure, how could I let that bottle down?   I told my husband I was going to dump it out and asked if he wanted to join me for a moment of silence.  I hate to waste wine, even bad wine.  I feel I am cheating someone somewhere out of a perfectly good buzz, but we don’t have any winos walking the streets of South Riding so I had to dump it.


I don’t know why wine gives me a headache, I give it all my respect and love, and still the pain.  Really it’s just like raising kids, maybe that’s why I started to drink so much of it after I became a mom?  I once asked a doctor about it and he told me maybe I had an allergy and needed to avoid wine.  QUACK!  Never going back to him again, how did he even get a license to practice medicine with those kinds of beliefs?


I will say the one downfall of drinking wine is the heat.  It has been almost 100 degrees here this week and a glass of warm Merlot or Cab can be a bit much.  Hey, there’s another factor – heat – maybe that caused my headache?  Anyway, it’s going to be a hot one again so I will be stocking up the rolling cooler with ice and Mich Ultra tonight.  Our rolling cooler is a bit of a legend on our street; it’ s stainless steel, stands at waist height and can hold about 3 cases of beer.  Did I mention it rolls?


I will be cheating on my wine today, serves it right for leaving me with this headache though.  We will be celebrating my husband’s birthday today and his upcoming skydive tomorrow, stop by to wish him well if you see us out.  I wonder if Lance Armstrong is still the spokesman for Mich Ultra?    You too can have super athlete strength and beat cancer – just drink beer!  Works for Lance, works for me.


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