Extreme Commitments

Years ago I remember watching many of my friends rush around with their kids getting them from event to event and thinking to myself, that will never be me.  I don’t want to be that person that over commits their kids to so many things that they don’t get the chance to just be kids.  Then you have kids and they start showing interest in sports or activities and you want to be supportive and let them try things out, because who knows maybe they will be one of those gifted athletes and after many years of driving, paying and sitting through this stuff they will be able to buy you an island somewhere from their commercial endorsements.

How often does that really happen?  I think most of us would just be happy with some kind of scholarship, although I am keeping my fingers crossed that Kendall Jackson will want my daughter as their spokes model and I will get free wine for life.  I wouldn’t mind if she could hook up with a good plastic surgery practice as well, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a little lift and tuck!

This week has been especially grueling and it really started over the weekend instead of having some mercy and waiting until Monday.  We had acting class and play dates and swim try outs before I even got to Sunday evening.  What is the deal with play dates anyway?  We used to just go outside and latch on to whoever was out there.  Now I have to call the parents and meet the parents and chat with the parents when I drop them off and pick them up.  In addition I need to apologize in advance for whatever my kid may do at their house, let them know about the bee sting allergy and the fact that I have one child that will only eat about 5 different foods.  My standard comment has become, “Please don’t be offended if she doesn’t eat anything you serve, it’s not you, it’s her.”

So back to this week, it is only Wednesday and I feel like 7 days have gone by since Monday and I am exhausted.  Let me add that my best friend, menstrual cycle, stopped by for a visit which is intensifying everything.  I volunteer at the school a lot, and I enjoy it, but when you add that onto all the other stuff I am doing for the kids, then when is a girl supposed to get a nap?  Yesterday we had Girl Scouts right after school, where I am a co-leader and attend with my daughter.  At the same time child #2 had a birthday party so I had to get her dropped off and bribe another parent to drive her home.  From there we squeezed in homework and had just enough time to get to the Girl Scout mother/daughter cupcake event.  Next thing I know I am running through Subway at 8:00PM so my husband will have something to eat for dinner.  I missed the first half of American Idol and was too tired to watch the second half.

I have become that parent, the one that rushes around with their kids every night after school and becomes a fatigued bitch by early evening.  I have to admit I am also the person that when not busy gets restless and unsure of what to do with herself.  Is there a happy middle?  Can I be busy, but not too busy and still keep my kids happy?  Well that’s a question that there may never be an answer to, in my lifetime anyway.  For now I have to go wake up child #2 and have her eat breakfast and study for her kindergarten spelling test before I get her on the bus at 11:22 (yes I count every minute, there is no rounding up when it comes to getting her out the door successfully).  I may have a bit of down time this afternoon before Tae Kwon Do and swimming, where I will daydream about tummy tucks, Kendall Jackson wine and the sand on my private island.


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