Opposites Attack!

My two daughters could not be more different and alike at the same time.  As if it is not hard enough to be a parent, I have to try to figure out how to adapt myself to their personalities.  It is not an easy task and most days I am left feeling like I failed one or the other, or both.  It is a constant battle trying to stay a step ahead of my kids, especially because I am quickly approaching 40 and my step is more of a limp these days.

Daughter one is sweet and eager to please, all it takes is a look of disapproval and she is at my side telling me she will try better next time.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, is a drama queen and loves everybody.  She will go out of her way to make her friends feel welcome and make excuses for her friends when they have broken her heart or hurt her accidentally.  She is a lot like me, other than age has made me cynical and I am not as sweet as I used to be.  I want people to be happy, I want to be happy and that sums child number one up pretty well.

Daughter two is another story.  She can suck the happy out of a room in one breath.  It’s not that she is a miserable child, or even cruel, she just has the power and will use it whenever she damn well wants.  She likes friends and she loves to play, but it had better be on her terms.  When I tell her I am unhappy with her behavior, there is no apology offered, instead I get a list of reasons why I am a failure as a mom and then she storms off.  She has no problem telling her friends exactly what she doesn’t like about playing with them, and yet they always come back for more.  As difficult as this can be, I tell myself the silver lining is that she will fare very well as an adult.

As opposite as they are, they both have so much in common.  They love to dance and play with girly stuff, they love any outdoor gathering they can classify as a “party” and playing with friends is at the top of their lists.  They can also use their joint powers to throttle my mom authority, which really frightens the hell out of me.  I actually think they go into the play room, which once the door is closed becomes the “situation room” and a giant white board pops up from the floor, a red phone appears with angry plotting children on the line and their Polly Pockets come alive and start taking minutes of their meeting.  In my imagination, #1 is giving ideas that involve fooling me with love and affection and then dropping the bomb on me.  Then #2 shows a picture of me on the white board that would be similar to a Tom & Jerry cartoon, where a long string is attached to 50 different items and when pulled I get a punching glove to the face.  I am the star of the show, ‘When Opposites Attack’.

I know they love me, but they are kids and they have to experiment with the limits.  I understand this, it doesn’t make my life any easier, but I do get it.  I do know that my life couldn’t be any better, as they give me a reason to be full of joy and pride.  They also gave me the idea for Bliss, so you can thank them for this great reading!


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