Death of a Hamster

As if yesterday wasn’t enough of a day with the puking and crying, I wake this morning to find my sick child’s hamster on death’s door.   Since I have sent the child to school she has no clue, which gives me a few hours to prepare for the drama and grief that will surround our home this afternoon.  Of course her younger sister is here and is already in tears and asking how this could happen.  I don’t know how this happens, the stupid pet store told me life expectancy was 2 – 3 years and this is the second hamster that has died since we got them in January.  Of course they also told me it would be hard to separate the three that were together so I bought all three and then after three weeks of one hamster beating the shit out of the other two, I had to buy a second cage and accessories to contain the aggressor.  That hamster is still alive and well and bites the crap out of my hand every time I put my hand in the cage to feed it.

Next step is keeping my youngest child from finding her sister when I drop her off for PM kindergarten and telling her about the hamster.  After all, she has a test on graphs this afternoon and I would like the studying I have done with her to be reflected to make me look like the wonderful, caring mother that I am.  It’s funny how I want my children to have high marks because it validates that I have been doing my job.  The job that I do for absolutely no compensation and generally just get complaints instead of compliments.   My next task is trying to mitigate the trauma of the dead hamster.

For now I have to start the funeral planning.  My daughter is going to want drama and she is going to want to make this into a social event where all her friends can come over to console her and she can talk about her hamster’s short life and how, even though she only started holding her without hesitation about a week ago, she loved her more than life.  So I have a lot to do before this afternoon and the fact that I am working in the school office today doesn’t give me much time.  I have to go get a paving stone, flowers and a small box to put the critter in and then figure out where to bury her.

There’s another dilemma.  I have just finished landscaping with weeding, planting and laying the mulch down.  The only areas that I haven’t touched are the ones where the clay is too hard to dig into and I have already snapped a shovel trying.  My assumption is that they will want to bury Kris next to Katarina, which means I will be digging up the area in the yard that looks the best right now.  Oh the things we do for our children.

Today I will add to my list of many titles, Funeral Director along with Grief Counselor and Grave Digger.  See there’s always a positive to balance out the negative, look at all the things I can add to my resume.


One response to “Death of a Hamster

  • Dave Orselli

    Hey, at least the vet doesn’t want to rake you over the coals for about $80 to put the creature out of it’s misery.

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