Royal Bore

I wonder how the people of Japan are doing?  I wonder what the radiation levels are currently?  I wonder about the families of the soldiers that were shot and killed yesterday?  How about the Middle East, any idea there?  I wonder about the deadly storms and the people that have perished in them?  I have no clue, but you know what I do know?  That the royal effing wedding flowers were delivered!!!!   My alarm clock goes off at 6:40AM and the announcer makes the earth shattering announcement that the flowers are being unloaded and delivered in preparation for the wedding of the century.  Now that is news worthy, isn’t it?  If I have to be blasted with news when the alarm goes off I REALLY want to hear that wealthy people are getting exactly what they ordered and on time.  Wow, what a surprise you ordered flowers, paid three times my husband’s salary for them and they showed up on time – FANTASTIC!

And how about that royal family?  If I were Kate I would fear reproducing with that gene pool.  I can picture the baby coming out looking just like Charles with monkey ears and bad teeth.  It’s amazing how people are so excited to watch a wedding of a family that is just as dysfunctional as the common law married couple on Jerry Springer.  Frankly, I would rather be watching Springer.  But they do have standards; I see the other top news this morning is that, “Britain revokes wedding invite for Syria envoy”.   Look at them taking a stand so their wedding seems classier!

I have to admit that I stopped watching the news a couple of years ago and I canceled my subscription to People magazine because I was tired of all the fluff.   If someone isn’t getting divorced, cheated on, lied to, coming out of the closet, assaulted, arrested or convicted then I don’t want to read about it.  Enough about hometown heroes that write music to cure depression for cats or women that make quilts for prisoners so they don’t feel so alone.  They should feel alone, they broke the law, that’s why we put them in prison.  How about sticking some pins out of those quilts so they get jabbed when they try to warm up?

I know many people are dying to see this wedding in each tiny detail.  They have planned their weekends around it, are planning to record it so they can re-watch it when they are feeling down and have probably had t-shirts made up to wear, “William & Kate 4-EVER!.  If I know you and you tell me this, I will make fun of you behind your back, but I feel ok about it since I am issuing this warning now.

I realize that I sound a bit sour.  I’m not really I am a happy go lucky gal!  I just get fed up with the news taking a wedding and making it into something bigger than the US economic failure or people losing their lives (although it does make for good blogging).  My best to William & Kate, pray for a daughter!

Enjoy your Thursday and share some bliss with your friends!


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