I could really use a vacation right now.  Someplace warm and fun, where people are in high spirits and smiling all the time.  Where frozen drinks are in abundance and I have to wear sunglasses to keep the glare out of my eyes.  I want a vacation from cooking, cleaning, laundry, and driving my kids to all those activities that we have over-committed them to do.  A vacation from being told what a failure I am and how many things that I have screwed up today.  I really need this vacation, but instead I am going to Michigan.

Now I love Michigan, I was born and raised there and 99% of our family is still there.  It is a beautiful state with its Great Lakes and green farmland.  And, there are certain things I miss about Michigan; coney islands, hooker spotting on 8 Mile, potholes and the abundance of people with free time due to unemployment being somewhere around 30%.  For me, it has become a good place to spend time catching up with family and friends, but not a vacation in the true sense.

I am really looking forward to the 9.5 hour drive with the kids by myself.  The stopping for a restroom every 90 minutes and having the kids touch everything they can reach knowing full well my command of “Don’t touch your face until we scrub”, falls on muted ears.  This followed 30 miles later by a, “Uh-oh mom I REALLY gotta go, I guess I should have gone when you told me to”, as I am passing the sign that says “Next Rest Area 68 Miles”.

My favorite part of the trip is all the annoying requests and questions.  “What speed are you going?  Why are you driving so fast?    Daddy drives a lot better than you!  Can you reach down and get my DS pen that I dropped for the 15th time?  Can you see where kitty landed him where I threw him at sissy?  That sign says 60 MPH and I can see you are going 70.  Do you know you shouldn’t break the law?”  Yes, I do know that, because at this point it is the only thing keeping me from dropping them off at the next stop and going on a vacation alone.

Let me add that life was a lot easier before my kids could read.  Not only do they point out every place they want to stop, (McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Great Wolf Lodge, Toledo Zoo, Firework World) they also correct me every time I don’t give them an exact number of miles, “Mom you said we were about 100 miles from Michigan, but that sign clearly says 97”.  Yes, I said about, which means approximate, and there’s a reason we spent a lot of money of the DS, DVD player and all the other shit you have back there, to play with it and not bother me while I drive.

But isn’t this why I had children, to share these wonderful moments and create memories.  Of course it is, that and the fact that it gives me something fun and entertaining to write about.   Check out bliss tomorrow to get all the gory details of our pain staking ride and adventure.


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