Here I go

So, I finally did it.  I signed up for a blog after talking about it for 18 months.  For me, I needed the outlet.  After working for 20 years, I found myself unemployed and relocating 600 miles away from all I knew.  It sounds tragic, but it’s really not, which is why I am sharing my version of bliss.  What gets me through it all is my wonderful sense of humor, if you know me personally you will agree I am flipping funny.  I have spent the last 18 months posting my vents and version of things on Facebook and it has helped me find the positive in the crazy.

There is a quote, I don’t know where it came from but I found that I related to it so well that I had no choice but to memorize it, “When too much is too much or too bad is too bad, we laugh as if it was too good.”  My goal is to have my crazy rants take the reader to that place where humor alters the unpleasant into bliss.


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